Iceland Symphony Orchestra plays John Williams!

Hi all... sorry I haven't been around! Just lazyness I guess...

Anyway, want to share a Youtube video with you guys again. A few weeks ago, to be exact on October 23th, I went to a very interesting concert; the Iceland Symphony Orchestra playing selected works by the famous film composer John Williams. I hadn't been to a symphony concert for about 20 years, so I thought it was about time. So I went, and I tell you, the concert was amazing! They played most of William's best known pieces, like for instance pieces from Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, Superman, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List and more... and they did a great job! I have to say that I belive that the Iceland Symphony Orchestra is one of the best in Europe (and yes, I know I'm biased, hehe).

Well, here is a little Youtube video from the concert (that somebody got to film with kind permission from the Orchestra, and NO, it wasn't me!) As you can see, they couldn't resist having a little bit of fun while playing the Imperial March. You have to watch the video to the end. ;)


LOTR Fan Video: Who Wants To Live Forever

I remember a long time ago, I was wondering if somebody had ever made a Lord of the Rings fan video about the Elves, using Queen's song Who Wants To Live Forever. I've always thought that this songs kind of fits the Elves, especially the relationship of Aragorn and Arwen. Well, I searched Youtube, and... lookie what I found! :)


A little Youtube test

Well, I'm baaaaack! Sort of. Mostly making experiments though. This video is for my friend Kezza: An awesome singer called Kerry Ellis, rocking out with guitarist Brian May of Queen, and drummer Rufus Taylor, son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor. Enjoy! :)